Episode 199 – Inspiration, Letters


This week we talk about all the things we have and haven’t done, including some advice on working on the thing you are excited about and when to do it. After that, we will read your letters!

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2 Replies to “Episode 199 – Inspiration, Letters”

  1. Damien Ryan

    The combination of an Apple TV+ show and talking about cozy shows means I’m gonna have to mention Ted Lasso. If you want the most kind, most cozy, amazing, joyous five hours of your life, really, really, really, go spend some time with these people.

    I know, a show about a US football coach moving to the UK to coach real football sounds awful, but it’s a show that gives a perfect model for non-toxic masculinity and coaching and management.

    Seriously, if you’ve got Apple TV+, go watch it.

  2. rebelsheart

    Kay is right, love is a verb. I am absolutely going to use that in Tango’s Takes before the next letters show.
    Yes Ursula, it’s a trap. It’s the same kind of well-meaning trap that convinced you to get tested for ADHD.
    The discussion of new tech acquisition reminded me that I’ve been wanting a new laptop for a while – even though I only really use one when I travel or occasionally to stream something to the TV when no other options is available (See Jackbox Games). Not having traveled in a while, I was having a problem justifying the purchase – especially since I’d want to go for something a bit hefty on the specs that I’d want to last a while.

    As I had this thought, my work phone beeped at me and my brain made a connection.

    I am a salaried employee now and as such do not get overtime. Comp time is only available within the pay period. I left 3 hours early today, 1.5 hours early yesterday, and was late due to various appointments twice t his period (1.5 and 2.5 hours)… and I’m sitting at 81 hours in what should be an 80-hour pay period. And I expect to be called to deal with things that my boss would normally handle and he’s on vacation. I’ve been working hard.

    Oh, and I need to have my ITIL v4 certification by the end of June…

    Getting through the next 4 weeks of interns + new hires, my boss’s vacation, and getting the certification… that’s going to be worth celebrating.

    I know how I’m going to celebrate now.

    and I may still take a 4 day weekend.

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