Episode 197 – Second Shot, Will Henshall


This week we talk about our experiences with the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, how it has gone for us, and how it has – or has not – impacted our productivity. After that we have a chat with Will Henshall from Focus@Will.

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2 Responses to Episode 197 – Second Shot, Will Henshall

  1. Re: rocks — the walkway to my parents’ house is made of very nice polished stone ovals from the construction surplus store. They are fancy sink donut holes.

  2. So, this episode totally explains why I can work in utter chaos in the hospital, and work through an overflowing waiting room and a critical patient etc, and yet fail to do something as simple as systematically clean my house in a logical manner without leaving a dumpster fire of half-loaded washing machines and partly vacuumed floors, with a dusting rag that turns up three weeks later from the back of the cutlery drawer, looking like it’s been through purgatory.

    Thank you for this!