Episode 195 – Spring Planting, Sigrid Ellis


This week when we’re talking about our personal productivity, we’ll discuss the balance of spring planting and writing, of getting little things with big impact done, and maybe some hints about the project Ursula is working on when she should be working on other things. After that, I FINALLY get to share my conversation with Sigrid Ellis about how she stays productive!

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  1. BlueAloe

    The discussion about back-up plans and failsafes in regard to air traffic controllers reminded me of something that happened in 2018, when a big earthquake struck Anchorage, Alaska. The air traffic controllers evacuated the tower and went to the designated back up location. Unfortunately, that building was damaged and not safe to enter. Lacking other options, some of the controllers got into a pick-up truck, drove out on one of the runways, and directed the airplanes by radio while standing in the back of the pick-up truck. Now THAT’S a back-up plan!

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