Episode 194 – Evil Genius Ideas, Letters


This week we’ll talk about our productivity wins and challenges for the week, what spring planting is happening, the impending arrival of new baby chickens, and a lot more. After that, we have your letters!

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4 Replies to “Episode 194 – Evil Genius Ideas, Letters”

  1. Katherine

    Hi Kevin, I seem to have missed something, so what exactly happened with the evil ink company? (I think I know which one you mean from a note on a previous episode)

    • ksonney

      The company in question that is a type of pasta and starts with “N.” The owner/founder/primary employee has both political views I find more than disagreeable, and some of his business practices rathe unpleasant. While I find the inks themselves rather good, I don’t want to promote or provide monetary support for him. “Evil” is probably a strong term, and was used mostly tongue-in-cheek.

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