Episode 190 – Mules, Letters


Spring is in the air here, and this week we have garden updates, Kevin’s latest email disaster, how Kevin is currently a tech writer, and the opinions of a Union Army mule keeper. After that, we have some of your letters! Enjoy!

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  1. Rix Scaedu

    I could come at “inspirational pictures” with advice from a gnole , but I feel that swooshy font would be inappropriate for that.

  2. Alyssa

    I still love you guys, Kevin. I compose a personalized letter for each interviewee in my head while I’m listening; the trouble is that I listen to the podcast while I’m out walking the dogs in the woods with a leash in each hand. By the time I get everyone home and toweled off and fed, there’s always something else that urgently needs to get done before the bank/post office/feed store closes. Then the next thing I know there’s a new episode and I’m thinking to myself “Oh right, there was something I urgently wanted to say about home offices on the last episode… or possibly the one before that.” I’m terrible with proper nouns and really struggle differentiating between the guests.

    I did, however, successfully remember an interview when it counted. Recently, one of my favorite Twitch streamers, Kestrel North, introduced a new weekly stream of a game called Wildermyth. She’s been playing through a lengthy five chapter campaign live on stream and the episodes have been well received. She was trying to figure out where Worldwalker studios is located. Something about the name Wildermyth tickled at my memory, so I went to the episode archive and looked back and eventually found episode 78 where Keven interviewed the husband and wife team behind Wildermyth. I then triumphantly posted the episode to Discord, answering the question of where Worldwalker studios is. I’ve since bought the game myself and am almost done with the story campaigns. I’m saving the last chapter for as long as I can. My current randomized campaign is on it’s third generation of heroes, Arianne and Arne Viler being the grand children of my original hunter, a somewhat quixotic gay man who turned in a raven after losing most of his limbs in combat and who yet still managed to produce a human son. The game has provided hours of entertainment all for less money than I spent on pizza yesterday.

    It was interesting re-listening to an old episode and realizing just how much time has passed. Episode 78 was the one where Kevin was having trouble applying for job postings so close to the holidays. It was good to remember that not all the changes in everyone’s lives over the last few years have been purely detrimental.

  3. Lesley Laughing

    Hi Kevin (and Ursula). Always enjoy listening to your episodes as I enjoy hearing about someone’s job as much as how they keep themselves organised. So continued thanks for that.

    I’m a long time fountain pen user and I’m constantly surprised at how many pens and inks I have. The collecting starts out innocent enough and the next thing you know your 10 becomes 100. One thing I will say that helps (me at least) is getting ink samples. I get the thrill of trying new ink without the cost or space investment. Believe it or not after a while one turquoise ink is close enough to another turquoise ink so that’s helped curb my ink purchases. Don’t have Diamine writers blood (yet?) I did however breakdown and buy several KWZ inks (discovery green, sheen machine 1, and sheen machine 2) only because I was buying some new paper to try (cosmo air light) and one can’t just buy paper without ink. All this to day that is you would like samples of these just let me know. Believe it or not I’m not trying to enable but I find that sharing means paper and inks get used up faster.

    I try to listen on my drive to work and while at work but I’m always about a month behind. To many podcasts so little time.


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