Episode 183 – Inauguration, Terry Gant


If you are in the U.S. and didn’t get anything done this week on Wednesday, then you are forgiven. Neither did we. We’re going to talk about expectations of ourselves and our stress levels, being kind to yourself, and understanding why you might not feel the reduction in stress you think you might. After that, we have a really fun talk with Terry Gant, owner of 3rd Coast Comics in Chicago.

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  1. Ariadne V.

    Thank you for emphasizing that just because the tiger is out of the room doesn’t mean your brain chemistry recovers, and that it’s okay if you’re not feeling relief.

    Woo! We have a president who does NOT want me dead! But my body and brain are currently firmly in “Oh, hell no, if we relax, THAT’S when the tiger gets you. Just because I can’t see the tiger doesn’t mean it’s not there.” mode.

    I have Complex PTSD from childhood stuff, and I’m finding that dealing with a lot of this is remarkably similar. It’s an annoying fact that the more shit you survive, the more you learn your own patterns of how to deal with processing it. So you can totally be having a panic attack or other Big Dramatic Mental Health Things, and part of you is just watching and tiredly going “Oh, for fuck’s sake. This AGAIN? Okay then. FINE. I’ll deal with it, but I’ll complain the whole way there.”

    I’m going to be moving out of state (Florida to New Jersey) at the end of February! On very short notice! The election and ensuing fallout kicked my “We don’t like each other, but we barely interact and this is tolerable until the pandemic makes moving safer.” situation with my (awful, Republican) roommate over into “Hell no, this is now an actual safety concern” so I’m going to be moving in with a friend. I’m hoping that the change of scenery will help trick my brain into going “Hey, it’s safe now. This is clearly a DIFFERENT place than the place that had tigers! It’s okay to go into recovery mode.”

    I hope you both – and everyone in the Wombathaus Expanded Universe, regardless of species – are well, and I’m truly looking forward to Paladin’s Strength. (Depending on when it comes out, it’ll be either “Okay, I can take a break from packing” or “Fuck yeah, I survived! I get to read a fluffy romance.”)

    ~Ariadne (Ah-ree-ahd-nay)

  2. Karen LeDuc

    Hey, Terry mentioned ordering from Ingram and I worked in on of their distribution centers ages ago before it relocated out of state. Oh the heaven that was ordering books at a really nice discount! So. Many. Books! I still have occasional dreams of picking orders there ?

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