Episode 181 – New Year, Ellen “Blade” McMicking


Despite interference from kittens, we’re here in 2021 and already have projects under way. We’ll talk about coming out of the slow season, how we spent our down time, and what we are doing to be productive. After that, we speak with our friend Ellen “Blade” McMicking about how she stays productive!

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  1. Damien Ryan

    >Manager-folk not taking their time off.

    Oh Lord, you’ve described 2020 for me. A year of telling everyone to look after themselves, productivity isn’t as important as health, and making sure at least the corporate world isn’t adding to the stress of a world in crisis.

    Then looking in the mirror and saying, “not for you!”

    Try to be kind to your pointy-haired idiots; most of us are struggling but trying our very best to make your lives easier.

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