Episode 180 – 2020 in Review, Shauna Forrister


This week we ended up doing a “year in review” for ourselves. We also talk about new planners for 2021, hitting at least one life goal, and some of the things I’m planning for 2021 on the show. After that we talk to the most amazing Shauna Forrister about how she stays productive!

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2 Replies to “Episode 180 – 2020 in Review, Shauna Forrister”

  1. Tango

    You mention how hard it can be to write when depressed and you’re absolutely right. This resulted in an unplanned hiatus for my podcast that has basically turned into the unplanned end.

    I built some mediocre drama during year 1, I opened year 2 with an in-world counterpart to the Australia wildfires. I was ready to move into happier, lighter things… and wham, pandemic.

    I’ve started a new project this year that’s an unscripted take on something that crosses my mind each day, called Tango’s Takes. Not trying to positive I think is going to help this succeed.


  2. Tsarminya

    Listening to this in mid April and feeling horribly guilty. I was laid off for 2 months last year. Not only did I not miss my paycheck because unemployment plus the extra kicker made me whole, I also got a refund of all the taxes withheld. So guilty for not having suffered as others have. I also am also perfectly fine not going out to the movies or eating out. I didn’t have a social life before so no change there either. But yet, there is so much Anxiety!

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