Episode 179 – Winter Holidays, Anna Creech


Hi folks! It is Winter Holiday season here in the US, and so we talk about what we’re doing to “recharge” while we are in a slower part of the year for us. We then sit down to talk with our friend Anna Creech about how she stays productive!

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  1. Katherine

    It was fascinating to hear Anna talk about having to be “nicer” in her emails because I can probably almost literally count on one or two hands the number of emails I’ve ever sent that don’t start “hi/dear X” and then end with some kind of sign off (and most of the ones that don’t are probably the 4th/5th email in an email conversation with someone, once they’ve alreasy switched to that format). I may be biased because my main uses of email so far have been talking to professors and job hunting (and I learned how to be good at email by sending a bunch of emails asking about disability accommodation stuff and extensions for work and that kind of thing in high school and then college)

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