Episode 177 – Boards, Debbie Gifford


This week, we talk about how Kevin has started using a not-digital Kanban board to help track things going on for work, as well as his to-read list. After that, we have a lovely chat with Debbie Gifford, and how she stays productive with her “Volcano Method”!

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4 Replies to “Episode 177 – Boards, Debbie Gifford”

  1. CavyHerd

    Selphie was absolutely right: Debbie’s is a most excellent interview. I had to sqee at her description of “yes haute cuisine may be wonderful, but sometimes you just wanna get the food into the gullet of the kid.” This is peak “paint it yellow and ship it” (referencing the story in my comment to Episode 171).

  2. Michelle/Pygment

    Yes on machine for cooking rice. I use my instapot for it as I only ever cook one type of rice and the oatmeal is overnight oats that are in the fridge. But yes! my kids eat so much rice that being able to tell them to do it and just get to push a button and it comes out right. I bought the frier lid for the instapot so I can make tater tots in it. I’m not very good at it. I tried fried fish and the fish came out very dry. I’m not good at finding instructions on how to fry with this lid, like time and temp and do I use the stand and the basket…
    On kids being good roommates, we already know this is a struggle. We will keep trying.

  3. Sharon Gochenour

    Oof, I am no longer a Christian, but Debbie’s interpretation of that Psalm made me tear up. “Your actions matter” feels like the tag line for 2020 overall.

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