Episode 176 – Book Done, Jim Hall


Hi folks! This week we talk about how one of the books Ursula has due is now DONE, and what she did after. We also discuss a new-to-Kevin meeting technique and talk a little about tech debt. After that, we have a chat with Jim Hall about how he stays productive.

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  1. Sharon Gochenour

    I know you’ve mentioned showing appreciation before, but the penguin story really made that click in . . . for the first six weeks of the pandemic last year I was doing health screenings for Instacart shoppers at our store for two hours starting at 6 am six days a week, which meant I had to be out of bed by 4:30 am and on my bicycle by 5 am. I was pretty much running on the high of my managers regularly thanking me for volunteering to do that task, and in retrospect I’m astonished (and a little worried) by how motivating just a few words of genuine appreciation were for me.

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