Episode 174 – Being Sick, Sister Kate


Hi folks, this week we talk about starting the holiday planning, and how we are going to do our best to stay healthy and safe. We then discuss starting to sort out next year’s events and planner. After that, we talk to the incredible Sister Kate from the Sisters of the Valley community in California!

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  1. Sharon Gochenour

    Hey! Continuing on my vast binge catch-up. This was an interesting episode, but one thing I wanted to call out is that the idea of a “bar-con” or doing the soft skills work of forming professional relationships outside work hours is pretty loaded. I definitely believe that developing positive and respectful relationships with your coworkers is great for productivity, but expecting people to participate in “mandatory fun” (my friend’s phrase for these type of bonding activities) outside work hours is one of the ways that people with family or childcare commitments get set back in their careers. In my own workplace, I have a lot of coworkers whose first language is Spanish/Portuguese/Chinese/etc. who do great work but who could be put at a disadvantage by being expected to perform in a social situation that happens primarily in English. I think that going into the future it’s important that workplaces consider how their culture of unofficial socializing may be unconsciously giving workers of certain demographics a leg up.

  2. Kir Talmage

    I also am catching up on this podcast! You (Kevin) mention using zapier to listen to your/Ursula’s square, then add a line/entry in a spreadsheet when there’s a sale. Effing useful… Can you please share that script or syntax?

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