Episode 173 – Productive Again, Letters


This week we will discuss the bursts of productivity that we’ve both had recently. We think it may be due to recent events. After that, we will read your letters!

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4 Replies to “Episode 173 – Productive Again, Letters”

  1. Rix Scaedu

    This was wonderful support listening for the day after finding out I need more surgery, after the review panel evaluates the best option….

    Also, Ursula,- yes, Skinner. Definitely.

  2. Katherine

    I had just started listening to this episode earlier today when I realized that my letter might be read, so that’s always fun! I also wanted to say that I recommended KUEC to a bunch of friends on either Election Day or the day after as something to take up some of your brain space but not something that necessitates a lot of focus.

    I’m one of those people who basically crashed after the election was called, and have been trying to get something done on my long job searching quest most days this week and also trying not to beat myself up over not accomplishing all that much. (Somewhat surprisingly, job interviews are decent distractions from election news-I had one each on Election Day and the day after-though they do take a bit more energy on that context.)

    Even with all that, it definitely does feel like a weight has come off. I may go watch some of your election night stream now, as it sounds very fun.

    Wishing you all the best as always

    • fiddlingfrog

      I’ve also been listening to a lot of old KUEC as a comfort listen these last few weeks. The only annoyance is that the feed only goes back to episode 201 so everything before that I have to load up one at a time on Libsyn.

      But yes, after spending like five days just hitting refresh and doomscrolling I finally broke, then came back better. I’ve been taking advantage of the weather to get in some nice walks and finish up some yard cleanup before winter fully descends upon us.

      Thanks for this episode, it was good and necessary.

  3. Patricia

    Thank you so much for this episode! It was fun and a good way to pass the time driving (though these are fairly short drives these days, for obv reasons, still working from home here).

    I just wanted to comment on two things: Like Ursula, I also do not believe in 5 minute alarms. It is to short for you to meaningfully go back to sleep, and too long to be kept awake thinking the alarm is going to go off soon.

    Ten minutes for me is enough to just fall back asleep for a bit but without falling into REM. To be fair, I actually set my alarm so that it rings much earlier than I need to, so that I can hit snooze for 10 minutes three times.

    Or four, some days it’s hard.

    Second, thank you for the link to the Paper Planner article – I saw it cross my feed and then it disappeared because I forgot to save it.

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