Episode 172 – Doomscrolling, Larissa Banting


We are recording this on the day after the US Election. Nothing is decided yet, and likely won’t be. We’ll talk about some coping mechanisms to lessen the impact of what is likely a very stressful time (if you live in the US). After that, we will talk with Larissa Banting about how she stays productive – and changed her career twice!

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  1. Alyssa

    I also have that delayed sleep cycle disorder (I only learned about it from Film Crit Hulk of all people). For years when I was going to school and working a day job I slept on a more or less normal schedule but had hallucinations. Patterns on the walls was the most common, I also saw a lot of spiders and wasps, sometimes there would be mice or even cats. Then when I quit my job and reverted permanently to my preferred sleep schedule (same as Ursula’s) I stopped having them altogether. People are always horrified when I explain my schedule to them, insisting I need to see a doctor to fix it, but I think what was actually a problem was all the years I spent taking ineffective sleep aids and having hallucinations. I can’t imagine going back to that now. I kind of think it’s a bit like body weight. A certain portion of the population (probably not even the majority population) has decided what’s natural for them is normal and that anyone who’s different is unhealthy. I hope as we move away from offices and commutes we can also move away from enforcing 9-5 hours.

    Thanks for streaming election night; it really was helpful. I’ve been social distancing since before it was cool (I used to work 10 hour days in a windowless warehouse with no time for much of anything else, then I got sick and have been basically stuck at home since 2014), so all my friendships (such as they are) happen over the internet. I’m grateful for Twitter, which has shown me a bunch of cool stuff I wouldn’t have seen otherwise, since Covid I’ve actually had way more opportunities to take classes and go to internet meetups. My social calendar has been fuller this year than ever before. But since the election, I’ve instituted a rule of only checking the news and Twitter once a day, usually at around noon, and only after I’ve eaten something. I’m really relying on the no news distraction streams a lot of people have been running to not feel so alone. I’d like to shout out NK Jemisin, who streamed Assassins Creed for two hours on election night even though she had a migraine. Send my best wishes and solidarity to Liz.

  2. Michelle Wexelblat

    Our younger was doing bi-phasic sleep in order to manage the delayed sleep cycle. And they have the light strips as well. They wanted them to make their room more gay as it cycles through rainbow colours.

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