Episode 170 – After All Things (Open), Sara Glassman


Hi folks! This week we will discuss the impact missing a day of her meds had on the Wombat Test Subject (Author and Illustrator Ursula Vernon), and talk about the things Kevin saw at the Virtual All Things Open 2020. We then have a great conversation with our friend Sara Glassman!

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2 Responses to Episode 170 – After All Things (Open), Sara Glassman

  1. Dude, you really need a trigger warning for SourceSafe!

    (/me rocks in the corner thinking about playing file corruption roulette from 2001 – 2008).

    Next week: Clearcase!

  2. I’ve not yet finished listening to this episode as I type this, but I’ve hit the discussion of the leather-bound notebook.

    If this is a lined notebook, use it to record quotes that amuse or inspire you.

    If it’s an unlined notebook, consider shorter quotes and decorating liking illuminated pages of a manuscript.