Episode 164 – Distance Learning, Selphie Trabia


CW: There are discussions of abuse, date rape, bullies, spiders, and mental health in this episode. This week, after we check in on ourselves, we will discuss the responses to the distance learning question posed by a listener. After that, we will have a chat with listener Selphie, and see how she stays productive! And yes, there are pictures of Romney the Sheep too!

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4 Replies to “Episode 164 – Distance Learning, Selphie Trabia”

  1. Alison V

    Romney is Vincent from Catherine! I have one too and I love him dearly. He sits next to the PS4 and judges me for forgetting to charge my controller

  2. AliJohn

    After listening to this episode, I realized that I have small suggestions to offer Jennifer (and others)!

    On whiteboards:
    A super-cheap whiteboard option is foam-core presentation boards. Sometimes only one side of the board is shiny (and thus useable as a whiteboard), sometimes both, but avoid matte boards that aren’t shiny on either side. You can also use 3M velcro picture hangers (reasonably inexpensive) to stick the board to walks or other surfaces.

    Another tip for whiteboards (especially the foam-core version): draw the calendar or other organizational grid with a Sharpie, then fill in details with dry-erase markers. You can erase and update details with a dry or damp paper towel without removing the grid. If you need to change or erase what you’ve written in Sharpie, you can erase with a Mr Clean Magic Eraser.

    Nota bene: A Magic Eraser will eventually damage the dry-erase surface with repeated use, so maybe don’t do this on fancy expensive dry-erase boards.

    If you’re into scrapbooking/scrapbro-ing, you can also lay out a grid with colorful Duck tape and/or washi tape. I used Duck tape to cover the edges of a foam-core board I’d cut in half to make it look nicer and to protect the edges from damage over time.

    This tip isn’t just for students. I figured all this out when my mom was in home hospice care so everyone — family and nurses — could keep track of schedules and rapidly changing medicine doses.

  3. Neurodivergent Crafter

    Finally catching up on my summer podcasts.

    This one really hit home – discussion of how being ADHD leads to being more likely to be abused at work.

    I had a major burnout from a workplace that was not suitable for someone with ADHD. There were constant interruptions, always conflicting priorities, and no direction from above.

    I tried very hard to do the job I was hired for, but constantly felt like I would be fired at any time because I would fail to do things to the boss’ standards. Looking back, he rarely actually communicated what those standards were until i failed.

    How do you succeed when you don’t know what the conditions of success are?

    We fail to teach our children what workplace abuse looks like. And the neurodivergent are even more likely to be abused, because we are always trying to fit ourselves to a world that isn’t meant for us. So we cant tell when people have crossed the lines from a reasonable request to taking advantage of us.

    After a severe burnout, that I’m still recovering from two years later, I finally realized that I had the right to say “No, I can’t do this” and demand to be treated like a respected member of the organization.

    I have found that now, and it is wonderful.

    Did you ever cover burnout like you said in the early episodes you wanted to? I have been slowly going through the episodes, but still am pretty far behind.

    Anyway, great episode, it gave me lots to think about!

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