Episode 163 – Summer Special : Pandemic Planning with Dino Part 2


Week two of our summer special with Dino Sarma! We continue our discussion from last week, picking up after Kevin has fed the hounds. Chickens, dogs, The DC Animated Universe, cooking, games, books, and a whole lot more are discussed this week!

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  1. AliJohn

    For Dino as well as Kevin:

    SO HAPPY to find someone else who can’t stand Q in ST:TNG! Here’s the only part you need to see from the ep where Q becomes human (and you really only need to see the first 45 seconds): https://youtu.be/1gjcO0PTRxw

    Also, my current favorite “celebrate the positive” TV show is Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts on Netflix. You do need to watch the episodes in sequence, but otherwise it checks off the things we all want in escapist TV.

    Crazy Delicious (also on Netflix) may match what you like in cooking competition shows. I initially watched because of the Willy Wonka visuals, and I fell in love when a contestant basically had an anxiety attack mid-competition, and EVERYONE was super supportive in helping her through it. (My personal favorite cooking show is still Nailed It, though. Especially right now, I love celebrating good humor and finding joy in spectacular failure.)

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