Episode 161 – Working Conditions, Letters


This week we discuss the difficulty of being productive when there are kittens in the house. We also talk about what does and does not constitute productivity for us. Then we will read your letters!

(Also, the new badge code for the “Sick Day” badge is now “TOOKSICKDAY”)


7 Replies to “Episode 161 – Working Conditions, Letters”

  1. Katherine

    I’m not actually seeing an episode/way to listen to an episode on this page, and I’m not sure if it’s just my phone being weird

  2. Katherine

    The episode seems to have appeared after a bit, so I was able to listen to it. (Also, apologies for all the runon sentences in both my letters, it’s a side effect of typing on my phone, and also somewhat how I write)

  3. Alison

    Re: spoons/cognitive capacity – I’ve been using “emotional bandwidth” since the pandemic started. People seem to get it without explanation, which is half the battle, and it appeals to my geeky side

  4. Tsarminya

    (sar-mina spelled with a Y because the normal spelling is usually taken for chat and online games) I purposely do not adopt kittens. I was traumatized by needle teeth & claws on my sleeping face and I choose to avoid that all together and adopt the young adults. I’ll enjoy the super cuteness from this side of the screen ?

  5. cavyherd

    Not sure what the protocol is for commenting on past episodes, so I’ll drop this here: listening to #29, face blindness comes up, I just want to go on the record here: I think it was last year that I finally worked out that Seth McFarlane and Ricky Gervais are different people. (I mention this to people, and they’re often all “but British accent”? And I’m like, “Stewie?”) So, yeah. It’s a thing.

  6. Ariadne V.

    Just regarding the “spoons” vs. “cognitive capacity” thing, and who can use it, there’s some debate within the disabled community, and there’s no consensus. I generally land on the side of “It’s better if this terminology is normalized so that more people understand what I’m talking about if I say ‘I’m out of spoons'”.

    I’d also point out that mental health stuff – like ADHD – IS undeniably a form of disability. (Especially since, in my experience, it definitely causes fatigue.) I REALLY don’t want to gatekeep who is “disabled enough” because of the tendency to go “Oh, I’m not REALLY struggling like this OTHER person who’s really suffering so much more than I am” and then not trying to get accommodations or medication or whatever that might really help.

    Also, as DnD players, you might appreciate the metaphor that uses “Spell Slots” instead of spoons. https://roachpatrol.tumblr.com/post/157360159657/shwetanarayan-battlefox-momnar

    Stay safe,
    Ariadne (Ah-ree-ahd-nay) / JabberwockyPie

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