Episode 160 – Rabies Shot, Frank Gosar Redux


This week, we talk about the mess that was our past week, and how it did (or did not) impact our productivity. We also talk about how medicines can impact your productivity. After that, we catch up with prior guest Frank Gosar!

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3 Replies to “Episode 160 – Rabies Shot, Frank Gosar Redux”

  1. Katherine

    Hidden Almanac is totally one of my comfort listens, though at the moment I’m a bit stalled out because I’d like to wait for the WiFi to return to download the next year (we’re having internet issues, it’s been a time)

    I also wanted to say that I’ve been listening to the whole podcast from the beginning and a lot of the early episodes don’t have best advice, they have “what’s been the best help”, to which the answer is often a thing or a system, so you don’t actually have to listen to all of them. I would also happily take on the “write down all the advice from guests” job if that’s going to be a thing!

  2. Neurodivergent Crafter

    The talk of Hidden Alchemy was good to hear – that show is still a comfort thing for me, and I am so glad that you guys were able to make it for as long as you did.

    I would love to see transcripts for this podcast. You have a lot of good advice for people for dealing with mental health and that kind of thing, which should be accessible to all.

    That said, i know how hard it is to transcribe an unscripted show. I would be willing to help out to that end – it’s an excuse to listen to it more – but there is the caveat that I AM chronically ill, have ADHD, work full time, and have a small business… I could maybe do an episode or two a month. But I volunteer as a helper if this is a thing you are interested in doing!

  3. AliJohn

    I think something on the website broke re: badge codes. When I tried to enter the badge code for ep 159, clicking “submit” simply reloaded the page without accepting the code.

    Troubleshooting: The problem clearly isn’t the badge code because a) several people already claimed the badge for ep 159, b) I’m not getting the red error popup I get when I enter an incorrectly spelled badge code, and c) I have the same problem with the ep 160 code and the updated “tooksickday” code.

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