Episode 158 – Kittens, Jason Pitre


CW: Discussions of weight and weight issues. Use of a term some may find offensive or triggering.

This week we have kittens! We will also discuss some of our stress challenges from the past week, as well as the we made progress on. After that, we’ll talk to Game Designer and Publisher Jason Pitre, and find out about how he stays productive!

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  1. Merseine

    I love the phrase “glom at first sight” and must find appropriate times to fit that into conversations.

    So, I’ve just started listening to PA and you’ve changed my planner life. I started with Episode 1 and have gone through the first 15 or so…and then I finally started getting my badges. BADGES!! Not sure yet how to move them from PA website to Badgr, but I’ll figure it out.

    Anyway – while getting my badges, I saw the topic of today’s episode, and since I’d seen (and been slain by) the epic cute of K&Ks (Kevin and Kittens) I decided to just jump to today and start listening backwards. I had to hear about the cute. And, to be honest, some of the stuff I’m hearing from the episodes of 3 years ago don’t really apply – I mean, apps have changed, some stuff is gone…you get the idea. So for now, I’ll be slowly working my way backwards. That may or may not work for me and I’ll start from like Episode 16 and go forwards…we’ll see how that all works.

    Anyway, love the show. As I said earlier, you’ve changed my planner life. I have wanted to get organized and plannerized for far too long, but nothing worked…until you introduced me to the disc/happy planner system. I had been using a planner called “Sacred Ordinary Days” because that planner has stuff that works really well for my faith, and that’s important to me. But it was in a bound book, so I couldn’t add things, move things around, etc. Come to find about about the disc system and BINGO – I bought some discs, a cover, and a hole puncher designed for the discs and went to town, cutting the pages out of the 2nd half of my planner. I’m still working on tweaking it, but the planner itself no longer causes me anxiety by it’s lack of flexibility.

    So yay! And thank you! And good luck with the kittens!

  2. Azure Lunatic

    This episode should have a warning for discussion of weight. The medical term which was used is anywhere from mildly upsetting to extremely triggering, and no one, including doctors, should use it (unless in the context of reclaiming, listing wrongs done, or explaining why it is harmful).

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