Episode 155 – Water Heater, Dana Fraedrich Redux


We’ve had to deal with water issues this week, so there is a distinct lack of banter this week. But! We have an amazing catch-up interview with Dana Fraedrick, which should tide you over until we return to normal next week. We hope.

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2 Replies to “Episode 155 – Water Heater, Dana Fraedrich Redux”

  1. Sharon Gochenour

    CN for Covid-related trauma and deaths.

    This was weirdly a hard one for me to listen to. I couldn’t quite figure out how Dana could keep such a good attitude working as a grocery employee in the pandemic, especially one who often worked the cash register — high possible degree of interaction with customers who might be anti-maskers.

    I had forgotten that there was a period at the beginning of the pandemic when here in Massachusetts (and NY and CA), we were already seeing pretty high death counts, but places in the Midwest and south were still basically safe. It was such a weird moment, because it felt pretty apocalyptic out here, but when I called home to Iowa there were no cases until much later in the year.

    I hope you can have Dana on again sometime this year, because I’d like to hear more from other people who were essential workers during all this and how they got through.

    • Sharon Gochenour

      Welp, I guess that was rather a negative comment to leave on Dana’s post, and I want to add that I found your discussion of not being discouraged by gatekeepers in your creative field of choice pretty great. I think that’s going to continue to be timely advice, especially as I suspect that the pandemic has profoundly changed the background machinery of several creative fields.

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