Episode 154 – Four Days, Maggie Brickson


Hi folks! This week, we talk about the productivity increase that can be had with a 4 day work week, as well as the way workplaces are changing and being viewed. After that, we’ll chat with Maggie Brickson, and fine out how she stays productive!

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  1. Mike Gray

    Great episode!

    It’s very interesting to hear from folks in management positions, especially since the current remote/shift work restrictions mean I don’t see the members of my lab on a daily basis. I’ve definitely had to be much more systematic and mindful about my management practice than I ever was before, and hearing Maggie’s perspective was very helpful. (It also reinforces my commitment to keep my operation small enough that I never have to spend 100% of my time managing other human beings, but that’s on me, not her!)

    Hope you’re staying well, and that your quarantine projects are bearing fruit.

    Best wishes,
    Mike Gray

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