Episode 154 – Four Days, Maggie Brickson


Hi folks! This week, we talk about the productivity increase that can be had with a 4 day work week, as well as the way workplaces are changing and being viewed. After that, we’ll chat with Maggie Brickson, and fine out how she stays productive!

2 Responses to Episode 154 – Four Days, Maggie Brickson

  1. Great episode!

    It’s very interesting to hear from folks in management positions, especially since the current remote/shift work restrictions mean I don’t see the members of my lab on a daily basis. I’ve definitely had to be much more systematic and mindful about my management practice than I ever was before, and hearing Maggie’s perspective was very helpful. (It also reinforces my commitment to keep my operation small enough that I never have to spend 100% of my time managing other human beings, but that’s on me, not her!)

    Hope you’re staying well, and that your quarantine projects are bearing fruit.

    Best wishes,
    Mike Gray

  2. Avatar Kir Talmage
    Kir Talmage says:

    10-year syndrome!
    Bad brain day!

    I needed these concepts today—one for me, one for biggerKid. Thanks.