Episode 151 – Graduation, Letters


This week we kick off year four! We’ll discuss how we’re doing, what we’ve been up to, and a quick update on how Kevin has ALREADY changed a tool he uses. After that, we read and answer your letters and comments.

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  1. Patricia

    Paused in the middle of listening to the episode to say that Ursula is correct, medication is not really mentioned or properly explored… in Western fantasy. I’ve been binging on Chinese wuxia/xianxia (pronounced I think woo-she-a and no I still can’t pronounce approximate xianxia) light novels and medication, the effect of swallowing the wrong pill and other sorts of ailments come up quite frequently.

    I can’t help but wonder if it is a culture thing because it feels like this ties back to the knowing the importance and connectedness of food, health and wellbeing. Or it’s more of a seIf-unconscious bias in the novels I read.

    Ok back to the episode and thank you for ranting about chicken and plants, they always remind me there’s more to life than just work.

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