Episode 148 – Five Whys, Emily Lange Redux


This week we discuss the virtual event Kevin has been attending the last week, what has changed for Ursula’s productivity, and the “5 Why” method. After that, we’ll catch up with former guest Emily Lange. Finally, at the very end, we’ll discuss the new baby chickens, and the side-effects of a broody hen.

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2 Replies to “Episode 148 – Five Whys, Emily Lange Redux”

  1. Emily Lange

    To clarify, I do not collect skulls myself, but my mother (female artist) did and does, so proves Ursula’s theory. Though I am semi-involved in a train committee at Elon, so that might counteract any substantiation…

  2. Tango

    When it comes to auto-captioning features, Microsoft Teams has one that handles things pretty well, though it understandably stumbles over company names that aren’t common.

    Teams also auto-mutes you when you join a meeting if enough people are already in it.

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