Episode 137 – Diagnosis and Process


We’re taking a departure this week and will talk to Ursula about her writing process. This is enhanced by her joy with having a diagnosis for ADHD, and we’ll spend the first half this week talking about how that came about. We hope you enjoy it!

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  1. Meera

    This episode was GREAT! The satisfaction and validation of a diagnosis was palpable, especially when there’s fine tuned coping mechanisms already in place . I’ve read a few blog posts lately about women finding this out later in life (eg Captain Awkward and Amalah); it’s good that theres more awareness about how it presents in women and female socialized people.
    The process part was fantastic – finding out how people do stuff is catnip, even better when it’s about books I’ve thoroughly enjoyed. Can’t wait to find where the vampire hummingbird fits in.
    Also Kevin’s mention of the D&D process was cool too – it would be fun to have a process episode on that too! I saw this link thought you’d like it: https://twitter.com/deathbybadger/status/1234423909434392577

    I’m also halfway through the previous episode about caring work and end of life stuff; it’s excellent (and kinda scary). My husband are are staring down the barrel of that on both sides and I’m going to take notes.
    Cheers Meera
    PS I was hoping to see you at Worldcon in NZ this year but I don’t know if Coronavirus is going to let that happen. It was going to be my first ever con! But there’s always next year.

  2. Alyssa

    Is there some advantage to raising dormice over guinea pigs? Something about guinea pigs has always struck me as extremely unhygienic (probably irrational, I eat chicken after all and they’re gross) but they were originally (and still are in other countries) raised for food. You can say people don’t want to eat guinea pigs because they’re extremely personable, but dormice are just about the cutest rodents in existence.

    Anyway, is there a place for people who want to learn about self publishing can go? Just recently I was hanging out in Twitch chats and met two self pubbed authors (one fantasy, one erotica) and while chatting with them I was surprised to find that they both knew less about the book industry than I did. I’ve apparently picked up a lot just through fan osmosis but I’m not great with details. I directed both of them to this podcast and also Cat Rambo’s website and Writing Excuses, but just straight info on say the legalities of commissioning cover art is super hard to find. All the technical issues around the process intimidate the heck out of me, which is why I’ve never been tempted to self pub anything personally.

    • Sharon Gochenour

      A year late, but I’ve found Lindsay Buroker and the writing duo Kit Rocha both has put up lots of stuff online about the technical aspects of publishing and marketing your own book.

      I admit one thing I enjoy about self-pub is that I don’t have to know much about the publishing world. I have another job that pays my bills, so I can just write my off-kilter books and put them out without worrying too much about who I’m trying to sell them to.

      • Sharon Gochenour

        both HAVE (what is grammar.) I follow quite a few romance authors who self-publish and many (most?) of them have subscriptions to stock image websites, but honestly most of them also do a lot of their own design for covers, sometimes to the point of hiring models for cover shoots.

        The thing I find obnoxious is wrangling XML for kindle books. . . I use OpenOffice and translating that document type into something attractive is a journey on angry camels over lava fields.

  3. AliJohn

    The badge code “sickday” was already used for Episode 47. Is there a new code yet for the standalone “Sick Day” badge? (I’m only caught up through ep 140, so apologies if you already addressed this in another ep)

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