Episode 136 – Heavy Topics, Heather Lowe

Content Warning: End of Live Care, Aging, Medical Issues, Mortality, and Trauma

This week, we will talk about Ursula’s pending appointment, our own productivity challenges, and some of our own concerns about care for our parents. We follow that by talking to Heather Lowe, and find out how she stays productive in the face of these challenges.

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3 Replies to “Episode 136 – Heavy Topics, Heather Lowe”

  1. Star Picucci

    Another handy trick for wanderers – Kids and elders – when we go anywhere with people (concert, ball game, mall) I put a Tyvek wristband with my phone number on her wrist – you can buy a hundred pack in neon colors at party city or such stores.

    • Heather Lowe

      That is an excellent way to retrieve people who can get away. I am lucky in that both of mine are pretty well tied to mobility devices I can outrun. 🙂
      I have however done that to my partner at concerts. The look on his face was so good….

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