Episode 134 – Brain Chiggers, Letters

This week, we will discuss our weekly productivity, good and bad. After that, we will read your letters and answer your questions!

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4 Responses to Episode 134 – Brain Chiggers, Letters

  1. Hi! I have a small podcast related comment. I really would wish for chapter marks in the files and shownotes. Auphonic has this interface to import them as txt files and bakes them into the files for nice podcatchers to read. The Podlove webplayer also shows them, when you import them.

    It would make jumping over bits, that you gave a content warning for, and finding specific topics easier. They are a bit of a fetish in German podcasting circles, but really neat. 😊

  2. Actually, I too think a Bag episode would be excellent.

    I also like the in-between episodes where there’s no interviews, just tackling different aspects of productivity like burnout and cooking like your talks with Dino. Maybe that would be an idea for a seasonal chat?

  3. Avatar Lenora Rose
    Lenora Rose says:

    I feel so validated all of a sudden! In reading writing advice, people always seem to have their books planned/outlined chapter by chapter, and even on the occasions I do have an outline, it’s never divvied up that way. I have scenes, which may be one or three or even five to a chapter, and I have the book, and not too much in between. Chapter breaks get added in artificially, after the fact.

    While I know intellectually that all writing advice should be taken with a hefty dose of “keep what works and throw out the rest”, it still felt vaguely wrong when it seemed like no other writer had this method. The only other one who came close was Terry Pratchett, who sneakily wrote the vast majority of his books with no chapter breaks at all.

    • Avatar Lenora Rose
      Lenora Rose says:

      (This is not to say I have not heard of pantsing, aka writing without an outline at all. I do a lot of pantsing. But even most pantsers seem to say “And I hit what looks like the end of this chapter” after writing for a while.)