Episode 129 – Sick Day Redux, Meredith

Hi folks! This week we will talk about Ursula’s frustrations with being sick (again) and the impact it has on her productivity. We also talk about her recent dose of dewormer (long story), and then wrap it up by talking to Meredith about how she stays productive.

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  1. Ell

    Hi! For some reason, this episode is available from the twitter link, but not on RSS and not under productivityalchemy.com. Just another oddity in life…

  2. Star Picucci

    Your comment of ‘keep what is working’ reminds me of my mom’s theory that you should read all the religious, philosophy, and self help books you can find but in the way that a whale eats – take a mouthful of ocean water and just keep the plankton (IE the tidbits of each that resonate with you)

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