Episode 128 – No Resolutions, Cori Large Catch-up

Happy 2020! This week we will discuss New Years Resolutions and why we don’t make them, what you can do instead, and maybe, just maybe to hold off on that purchase of a brand-new home exercise thing. Then we’ll talk to former guest Cori Large about how things have changed, are changing, and will change for how she stays productive.

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2 Replies to “Episode 128 – No Resolutions, Cori Large Catch-up”

  1. Sarah

    Last year was the first year I actually made a New Year’s resolution, and it worked so well that I think I’m going to try it again this year. My resolution was to try 5 new kinds of apples — the intention behind it was to motivate myself to actually get up on Saturdays to go to the farmers’ market and to eat more fresh fruit, but the vaguely Pokemon-esque formulation made it fun. (And I live in Massachusetts, so finding 5 new apples required going to the farmers’ market once, *maybe* twice. I think my end-of-year total was at least 10 new kinds of apples, plus assorted old favorites.)

    This year: attempt to grow a potato. I say “attempt” because if nature happens and the plant doesn’t make any actual potatoes, it still counts as having achieved my goal of expanding my gardening efforts to more than unkillable house plants. And again, it’s something that’s specific and fun, and which I’ve mostly not achieved in the past because I realize around mid-July that I had wanted to start a container garden on the porch. Given my level of procrastination, January is about the right time to think about picking out seed potatoes.

  2. Natasha

    I’m not actually a resolution person but sometime in the middle of last year I made a goal of trying a new recipe or two every month. I’m working on improving my cooking skills for the past year or so due to having a number of weird food preferences and food restrictions and getting extremely bored with the same 10 foods over and over. I’ve hit an intermediate level now. The new recipes are things that aren’t just the normal comfort food. They are new techniques and new flavors that I haven’t tried before plus I went in on a pig with a coworker so now I’ve got all sorts of interesting meat cuts to work with that I was afraid of cooking before since special cuts of meat are expensive and I didn’t want to ruin them. I also got Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat as a gift so I’ve been reading that as well. So, not really a new resolution but a continuation of a goal that I had kinda forgotten about for a bit around the holidays because things have been busy.

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