Episode 121 – Foraging, Letters

Since I’m back home, I’ll discuss some of what happened at the work event last week, and then we’ll catch up with our Wombat Co-Host (Ursula Vernon) on how productive she has been, as well as where we are with the new tenant on Dogskull Patch. After that, we will read your letters!

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2 Replies to “Episode 121 – Foraging, Letters”

  1. Damien Ryan

    “See how it looks like a waterfall?”

    What I do have are a very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you.

  2. Claire A. Miller

    Update ! I was offered the job I applied for! I was delighted that in my interview the committee asked the question about what type of work I liked (and what I didn’t like); thanks to Dino’s advice, I’d thought about it and had an excellent answer ready to go.

    I also made sure to be really upfront in my deficiencies: some of the job aspects are different from what I now do. So I laid out my plan to get up to speed, talked about how my previous experience would fit in with the new aspects, and just focused on having an excellent conversation.

    Thanks for all the great content and diverse people you showcase on this podcast; it has made a huge impact on my life.

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