Episode 119 – In Between, Jesse “Tango” Stringer

This week, the Wombat Co-host and I discuss the feeling of being in between projects, the work that goes into our current political activity, and the feeling of not working enough. After that we have our friend Jesse “Tango” Stringer on to talk to us about how he stays productive.

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  1. Sarah

    I want to push back just a little on the “why are people getting help from me of all places??” thread. Definitely, often there are way more systems that should have stepped in before you learn about something from a random person on the internet. But sometimes those systems feel giant and impersonal and it’s easy to nod along to the helpful checklist of symptoms for anxiety or whatever and go “oh, but that’s not what *I’m* experiencing”, or to tally up the ways your brain is a mess and have it stay in the logical analysis place rather than the squishy emotional place that’s actually the problem.

    But then having another human being say “hey, I’m having X symptoms and anxiety meds are really helpful”, or reading a story that comes at your problem sideways in a nice “safe” fantasy setting when you’re not expecting it, can actually be more useful than therapy sometimes.

  2. Patricia

    I am slowly catching up on all the episodes and am halfway through this one and I want to second what Sarah said about dandelions. Two things came to mind – a dandelion is a living breathing thing, while bolts are often inanimate, cold and impersonal things, which aptly describe both their function and how all these systems are.

    The other is that we are all holding torches in the darkness, and our light shines on things others may not know, and many of us don’t get the same kinds of information, and what is “common” to one person/group/community is really not to the rest.

    This is also to say, thank you for being the dandelion. 😀

  3. Patricia

    Finally finished listening to this episode, and Tango, have you considered (if it’s affordable for you and your husband), perhaps a weekly spa/massage outing as a reward? Small wins can be short massages for like 30 minutes for head and shoulders, and bigger wins could be like a 2 hour body massage.

  4. Sharon Gochenour

    (more on the Massive Binge comment series) as regarding being the last-ditch dandelions, I empathize with being dumped into a situation and suddenly realizing: well, shit. I can’t punt this thing to someone with more experience or more authority. It has to be me, because I’m the one who is here facing this problem now.

    As regarding runaway hogs, I once was briefly responsible for a pet pig who was apprehended chasing joggers down a dirt road in western Massachusetts. She ate oatmeal for a few days until my farm host was able to contact her owners. I am suspicious that marauding pet pigs are a concern in many rural areas.

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