Episode 118 – Filling Forms, Thomas Redeux

This week, we will talk about how many forms we need to fill out, when those forms are due, and our history with the financial aid form in particular. We will then follow up with Thomas Brandt and see what has changed since we last talked to him.

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2 Replies to “Episode 118 – Filling Forms, Thomas Redeux”

  1. Rix Scaedu

    I haven’t finished listening to the episode yet, but I have to comment on the football public holiday in Australia.

    That is only in the state of Victoria, not elsewhere. It’s a little quirk of theirs – like having a public holiday on the first Tuesday in November for a horse race. They’re the only ones who do that too, unless you count Canberra for that one year they had their ‘picnic day’ on the same day. (The rest of us sort of looked at Canberra and said, “Oh yeah. Suuure.”)

    To be fair though, first Tuesday (our time) in November, after lunch it’s hard to get hold of people and pretty impossible when the race runs at 3:00pm Australian Eastern Summer Time. (Think of it as a secular spring festival and it makes more sense.)

    In both cases, there are worse things we could be having a public holiday for.


  2. Dino

    I think Thomas would enjoy this YouTube channel called Lukgolf’s English Room. It’s this guy in Thailand who interviews Thai people of note in English. The main point is not to speak perfect English but to get English language learners understand that perfect English isn’t as important as confident English.

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