Episode 117 – Presentations, Letters

Hi folks! This week we will discuss the good and the bad in terms of our productivity this past week. From conference talk prep and presentation to bank errors and house guests, we talk about the impact it all had on our productivity. After that, we will read and respond to your letters!

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  1. Sharon Gochenour

    (part of the Great Relistening Comment Series) This episode has reminded me that I need to Deal With My Inbox at some point soon. . . I have been sitting at 99% data usage for about two months now. One of my troubles is that I fully use my inbox as a place to back stuff up which I can search and find easily. I also have thousands of emails and chats from friends at this point which I don’t want to lose.

    I am curious if you have thoughts on the general security of keeping copies of important life documents in cloud storage. Having a copy of my passport available digitally has saved my bacon a couple times while traveling, so I admit I’m hesitant to confine myself to the paper copy.

    I must find this morel hunting game . . my grandfather once spotted two 6” wide morels from the road and promptly drove into the ditch. His eldest grandchildren (myself and my brother, respectively four and six at the time) were later posed as grinning scale models for his find. The photo was submitted to the local paper, where of course it was published because I grew up in a town where the biggest news item for years was a hog truck that overturned on highway 30.

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