Episode 113 – Completing Things, Jane Lindskold and Jim Moore

Hi folks! This week we will talk about completing a big project, and the feelings you get after it is done. We also have an update on one of the Wombat Co-Host’s (Author Ursula Vernon) long-term goals, and finish up with the live show from Bubonicon with Jane Lindskold and Jim Moore! (Sadly, I cannot currently find a public copy of the quail photo mentioned in the show)


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  1. Dino

    What even this was SUCH a cool interview. Jane and Jim both have such calming voices, and seem like incredible people. What’s more is that Jane is so matter-of-fact about her challenges. Many times, when she’s like, “And that’s something I need to work on”, and I’d be so impressed. An accomplished author able to admit where she could do better. And she was also matter of fact about some pretty heavy stuff. “I struggle with rewarding myself, because I’ve spent more of my life poor than not.”

    Same, Jane. Same.

    These two guests were so incredibly relateable, and charming to listen to. I’d love it if you could corner those two separately, and get them to tell their stories about the writing or the identifying of stuff hit with rebar. They both must have so many neat stories, and I’d love to listen.

    Keep up the great work, Kevin!

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