Episode 112 – Back in a Rut, Letters

Hi folks! It’s a letter week, and we’ll read and talk about your questions, comments, and feedback! We also talk about how the Wombat Co-Host (Ursula) did with her “sick day” last week, as well as Kevin’s frustrations with apps and lack of interoperability.

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  1. Dana Fraedrich

    Heya! This comment is for Madison and their letter asking about a to-do list where you can put in a bunch of tasks but it only feeds you one at a time. You mentioned you all use Trello at work. I use a Chrome plug-in for Trello called Next Steps. There are several settings for the plug-in, one of which being to show you one checklist item (the top item) per card. The setting is literally called One Per Card, and you can check off each item without opening the card (and therefore avoid seeing the entire list). So you could put your whole to-do list in one card and turn on this setting. This is just for Trello on a browser, but hopefully that is helpful. I feel you on the anxiety! <3

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