Episode 109 – Being Home, Cooking with Dino Part 3

This week, we wrap up our conversation with Dino on cooking. We talk about some easy prep stuff you can make ahead, tips on using it, and long talk about food security. We even discuss tea in China vs. tea in the US. I hope you’ve been enjoying the series as we wrap up this week. But before that Ursula and I talk about how we’ve been productive this past week.

Content Warning: Poverty, U.S. Politics, Food Security, Corn, Preppers, Tibet Politics, Immigration, Christianity

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4 Replies to “Episode 109 – Being Home, Cooking with Dino Part 3”

  1. Patricia

    Thank you for this, I absolutely loved the three episodes and have been sending them to people who’d get food and the issues that arise with them, especially food security.

    I love the Dino specials, and I think if it’s possible, you may want to consider them as a quarterly/half-yearly things? Because personal productivity is fine and all, but these episodes also point out how much of “our own” productivity is based on factors outside the usual “get planner, organise self” such as food, policy and the world at large.

    Sending you and Dino much love for your compassion. May your pantries always be stocked, your wallets always full (of cash!) and blessings multiplied.

  2. Jayke

    Dinooo thank you. Especially for the note on boiling water.

    Listening to both of you going for several hours has been charming, (yes I also teared up), and I’m super happy at the prospect of more!

    I’ve also been jumping around the last ten or so episodes of the podcast so I ironically ended up listening to this part three while making two loaves of bread, quiche, and vegan kimchi. 3 cheers to feeding people 😀

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