Episode 104 – AnthroCon, Dana Fraedrich

While we are working AnthroCon 2019, I have this amazing interview with Dana Fraedrich to share with you all. See you next week, and remember: Stay Productive!

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    I have a couple of things. First – I’ve talked about the difference between Judaism as it is practiced and as it’s perceived by non-Jews before, and been ignored or corrected. You rewarded my faith, as it were, in you by reacting the way you did – you LISTENED. I literally danced when I heard it. It’s a rare thing. Thank you.

    You and Dana talked about the need to have space of one’s own, especially if you work at home.

    My husband is unemployed and I work outside the home, but this is also something for day to day living. My husband has a desktop in his office, but I mostly use my phone and laptop where ever I am – usually the bedroom or the dining room. That is, in our shared living space in our Brooklyn apartment.

    I had no place for my planning supplies, or even really a good home for my laptop, so I didn’t use it much, and planning meant taking over the dining room table, and then taking it all back.

    But over the past year, we’ve been doing extensive decluttering, and a room full of boxes and piles of books was cleaned out to the point we could put in a desk. An Ikea desk I built myself, in fact.

    And now I have my own space, with my supplies where I need them, and my husband doesn’t feel confined to his office, and the shared spaces are the shared spaces again.

    One of the reasons we’ve been married 28 years is that we know we need to have our space so together time means more.

  2. Sharon Gochenour

    I jumped back to this one after listening to the update with Dana (somewhere in the 150s.) While I’ve never gotten my brain organized enough to take my illustrations to a con, I admit I have hopes for doing so sometime in the After-COVID Times, and it’s great to have a few detailed resources which I can refer back to so I can eventually plan a simple setup.

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