Episode 101 – Tactical Error, Letters

This week, we talk about not planning ahead properly, as Ursula has a new computer for her art – that isn’t ready yet, and a deadline is looming. We also talk about volunteerism, and wrap it all up with your letters.

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(OK, I know the list is short this week, but a lot of it references prior episodes, so….)


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  1. Lenora Rose

    (I know this is a couple months belated and not a terribly exciting comment, but I felt driven to post it despite.)

    The company I temp at has volunteer hours scheduled in, and both specific sign-ups for set days and the option to enter your own volunteer hours. So people go off for a day to hammer frames together for Habitat for Humanity, or serve meals for a soup kitchen. They also have frequent donation baskets out for school supplies, food banks, holiday gifts (which are the only way I as a temp can currently donate, alas). They also reward the biggest donors with an extra money donation to a cause of the winner’s choice.

    It’s not the only reason I am gunning for a permanent placement here, but it’s definitely one of the signs of a healthy corporate culture (along with reasonable hour flexibility, attention to life balance and time off, and fairly good communication up and down the ladder) I will be using in future if I move on elsewhere.

    Notably, though, as someone who did most of her past temping and work positions in not-for-profits, the not-for-profits themselves tend to have a much worse corporate culture, with much greater drive to work to burnout, and an assumption all one’s volunteerism should be turned inward to their use, not outward to other causes. I know that some of it is how many of the not-for-profits have a razor thin budget and a dependence on government grants that can change what they can accomplish year by year, but even once I account for that, I find it strange in a lot of ways that a for-profit company, even one with a cause behind its products and R&D, is so much healthier a place to work.

  2. Silver Cat

    Probably somebody has said before, but cishet isn’t the same as straight, since trans people can be straight. And, while opinions differ, one could say that being asexual or aromantic is a way to be cishet while not straight. (Technically, at least imho, being asexual or aromantic is inherently not het, but ace-het or aro-het people might disagree, I dunno).

    I’m pretty sure y’all know, but adding ‘allo’ to cishet is a good way to make it clear you include us.

    (This is not me criticising you, just adding some clarity. Theoretically)

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