Episode 99 – Day One, Wade Foster

Hi folks! This week we discuss Kevin’s First Day (and week) of his new job, Ursula (the Wombat Co-Host) discusses her issues with linear time, as well as  both our strategies for taking the stress out of special gift-giving days like Birthdays and Holidays. Finally, we wrap up by talking to the CEO and co-founder of Zapier, Wade Foster!

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2 Replies to “Episode 99 – Day One, Wade Foster”

  1. Star Picucci

    Hey Wombat Test Subject – it is not that you don’t care about people, it is that you trust them to know who you are, and that for you purchasing presents beyond gift cards is stress and anxiety producing and you are giving them the gift of taking care of yourself, respecting your own abilities, and knowing that even with all that you make the effort to get a gift card for them.

  2. Sharon Gochenour

    (The great binge listen series of comments) I am glad I am not the only one who hyper-anxiety focuses on upcoming travel. When I was in a period of my life when I was backpacking a lot, I was always somewhat mystified by my lack of creative productivity, without realizing that my survival instincts were kicking in hardcore to keep me from taking a bus into the sea or similar.

    Amusingly the other thing that kicks me into panicked can-only-focus-on-this-or-the-wolves-will-get-me-ack-the-WOLVES is shopping for holiday presents! In 2019 I started shopping in JUNE, because I was so anxious. (Last year I had the vague impression that the world was ending and so I wouldn’t have to worry about Christmas until November, when I suddenly realized that the world HADN’T ended and I was still in the hook. Let us draw a curtain over the flailing that followed.)

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