Episode 98 – Getting Ready, Alicia (Day) Baker Update

This week, we talk about getting ready to cover things while Kevin is out of the loop, the new project Ursula is fiddling around with, filling fountain pens, and the double-edged sword of online community for those of us that word from home. We then get to catch up with Alicia (Day) Baker, who tells us how her productivity has changed since we spoke last year.

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3 Replies to “Episode 98 – Getting Ready, Alicia (Day) Baker Update”

  1. Three thoughts about today’s episode. 1st great interview great to hear how things have changed. 2nd do you still shudder if someone mentions CUPS or was your printing trials prior to that being a thing. 3rd for the dick waving reply “for a few hundred bucks I can stop at the store and wave all the dicks”

  2. Still listening to this episode but just wanted to say I had the same reaction as Kevin did when you met what I presume is an ultra wide monitor in action.

    If it was curved, man that makes it even more of a beauty. I’m now aiming to reward myself with an ultrawide monitor if I can finish a set of pretty hard tasks ahead of their due dates at work.

  3. Amateurs waiting 5 years to get married, Pooch and I waited until our relationship was legally allowed to drink before we threw it a big party.

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