Episode 94 – Anna James

Hi everyone! I hope you are having a productive month! If all is going according to the plan, we are currently travelling in Tibet! How awesome is that! While we do that, I have this incredible interview with Anna James for you!

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3 Replies to “Episode 94 – Anna James”

  1. Cori Large

    Hi Kevin and Ursula,

    If you wait to read this comment until the June letters show, I’ll understand.

    In regards to the Pretty BuJo / Bullet Journal anxiety, please know that the creator Ryder Carol is on y’all’s side. He’s all about functional, not the pretty. I’m sorry the cultish mindset and pretty planning has made you and Anna feel negatively about your BuJo.

    One last thing: we need Ursula sound bites of “It’s a Cult,” “TULE!,” and “WHOO!”

    Keep being productive!

  2. Patricia

    OMG yes, Trips! It’s actually pretty great even when visiting familiar places, because sometimes they’ll show you something you didn’t expect nearby. In Singapore it took me and my mom to places we wouldn’t have visited otherwise.

    My friend and I have actually used Pinterest to share cute things we found on the internet to cheer each other up. I actually have a board in her name that’s all cute animals and it’s skewed the algorithm in such a lovely way.

    Also thanks for sharing about the “Take This” Challenge on Habitica. May’s is about decluttering and damn do I need this. Small increments!

    If you are still looking for tribute I’d like to volunteer, as a writer who adapts to other people’s systems and platforms instead of my own, especially when it comes to work.

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