Episode 90 – Rooster Trade, Rachel Anson

This week we will be taking the time to discuss Kevin’s Travel Planner and a lot of the prep work we are doing before we leave for China. We also check in with the state of the Wombat Co-Host, and explain why we are currently between roosters. After all that, we have a chat with Rachel Anson and how she stays productive!

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4 Replies to “Episode 90 – Rooster Trade, Rachel Anson”

  1. Frank Gosar


    The download link is missing from this episode.

    Also? You should listen to the Thermal Physiology episode of the Ologies podcast. The guest is UCLA professor and host of the Biology of Superheroes podcast, Dr. Shane Campbell-Staton, and about halfway through the interview, he tells about being diagnosed ADHD after becoming a professor, and how he stays organized! Had a brief moment of Wait, what, where’s Kevin? before I remembered which podcast I was playing.

    • ksonney

      All fixed. The Plugin that does the heavy lifting for the posts decided to require re-authorization with libsyn, so it wasn’t building the embedded player properly.

  2. Star Picucci

    Talking about travel – I’ve started using MoleSkine Voyageur notebooks for travel – they fit in my mini-purse (baggallini rfid journey crossbody bag) that I use when traveling. I put all my reservation info – two pages per day (One ‘planned’ on ‘actual’) and then I draw out basic maps, things to see, hours, restaurants broken down by parts of town / days of trip. Made one for a trip to San Francisco and worked great so now working on the trip to Italy book

  3. Sharon Gochenour

    (Great Binge Listen series of comments)

    Ahaha, I have been following the Erma Derg on Instagram for two years and I couldn’t remember why.

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