Episode 89 – New Glasses, Letters

This week we will talk about adapting to new glasses, both our experiences with Driver’s Education classes, and the fact that the Teenager is about to embark on this new and exciting journey. We also talk about packing, and then wrap it all up with your letters!

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    I had to stop the podcast to comment on something when I heard an unfortunately common misconception.

    Bit of history. Judaism as practiced today is descended from the religious/political group called the Pharisees, and all evidence points to Jesus being one and arguing with his peers.

    Which is pretty much what they/we did.

    Providing for the sick and the poor is throughout the Torah, and throughout the rabbinic material from that time. There is no judgement or considering who gets the charity, or tzedaka (righteousness.) It is even assumed that one will give to an enemy, even if one has sworn not to.

    The assumption is that bad luck can happen to anyone for any reason, and helping someone survive is obvious behavior.

    It is also assumed that humans are human, which is why it’s a commandment. There are plenty who were and are lax in their observance.

    The NT is not the place to learn about Roman era Judaism.

    Tl,Dr : Pharisees did, and do, help the poor without worrying about whether they “deserve” it or not.

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