Episode 79 – Still Stressed, Letters

I have returned from MAGFest, and have a severe backlog. We’ll discuss how that affects me, how it affects Ursula, and what we’re doing to get it all done. And thinking of a backlog, we’ll be reading your letters this week, and getting that done at the very least.

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  1. Catherine Mahan

    I picked up Daylio when it was mentioned on a previous episode and I love it! I did pay a bit, but I don’t recall now what restriction I was removing… maybe number of daily reminders?

    My favorite part is being able to customize/add activities, which you can pick quickly when you’re recording your mood. My memory is… not good, so to track whether a med adjustment is helping symptoms, I added buttons for “nappish” and “anxious” and “unfocused.” From the calendar view I can use the drop down to see all the days in a month I felt a certain way, great for when the doctor asks whether I’ve improved!

    (Also as a person who menstruates, I added a quick button for that as well. I’m approaching an age where things start to go wonky and irregular, so having a record beyond “date of last period” will be helpful.)

    The recent updated added Goals, but I haven’t delved into that yet.

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