Episode 77 – New Year, Sebastian Marshall

This week, we have a discussion of the pressure of starting the new year with a new planner an the push to make goals and change our habits RIGHT NOW. We also take a look at the EVO Planner, talk about Ursula’s reading on ADHD, an wrap it all up with an amazing conversation with Sebastian Marshall from Ultraworking.

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  1. Debra Baker

    Dear Kevin and Ursula:

    I am watching all the online planner world planning for the new year, with flip throughs of last year’s books and displays of their stacks for next year. It’s something they all seem to enjoy.

    I’m changing the cover of my planner. As I said in my interview, I’m too involved in day to day adulting to even think about goal planning. I’m happy I can plan dinners for a week.

    Also, I’m constantly reviewing and modifying my bullet journal, with each month a little different. I have no idea what it will look like next March, let alone December. I love this.

    While I was not seeking a diagnosis at the time, my therapist confirmed that I was autistic about 8 years ago. And even though I suspected it, having it official made a huge difference.

    All of a sudden, things made sense. All sorts of issues, from poor small muscle control to synesthesia to my need to stim all came together. And now I understood what my disturbing meltdowns were, and what could trigger them.

    I have far fewer now because I can avoid the triggers. Diagnosis was a huge deal for me. I’ve heard similar from other autistic people diagnosed as adults.

    I would think it could be similar for other types of neurodiversity.


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