Episode 74 – No Wombat, Dino Sarma (Part 2)

This week, we will talk about the feelings when we have to put a “passion project” on hold, and how to deal with that. We also briefly discuss the reason why the Wombat Co-Host is not here this week before part two of my conversation with Dino Sarma, which has some very real talk about growing up poor, burnout, and privilege. We end it all with two great offers from Dino.

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9 Responses to Episode 74 – No Wombat, Dino Sarma (Part 2)

  1. Avatar Star Picucci
    Star Picucci says:

    You suggest that working in close environment brings a team close – I say that in some cases the opposite happens. Being in an environment where each year we get less and less space and are sitting closer and closer to each other there is no friendly interaction with co-workers.

  2. Avatar Fleetfootfox
    Fleetfootfox says:

    This was a STELLAR episode to listen to, I dont even care that it was many hours long. Thank you both for the excellent conversation!

    I’d love to add myself in to the running for a copy of that ebook cookbook.

  3. Avatar Vik-Thor Rose
    Vik-Thor Rose says:

    I would like to enter the drawing for Dino’s cookbook.

    (I would LOVE if you happened to come to work for my company, though there is almost 0% chance that you would… I don’t think OUTFRONT Media has the remote work set up you are looking for. We do have an office in NC, but I don’t think it is large enough to have an IT presence. [I remember a couple weeks ago, you mentioned about IT work in non-IT specific companies…at least I think it was your podcast?])

    And also, sympatihies to Ursula’s family on the death of her step-father.

  4. Avatar Nathaniel Vanderklok
    Nathaniel Vanderklok says:

    First, my condolences to Ursula and her family (yourself included, Kevin) on their loss.

    Second, I very much enjoyed Dino’s interview (regardless of it’s length). It’s always good to learn about other people’s challenges and how they deal with them.

    Third and final, please enter me in the drawing for Dino’s cookbook.

    Keep up the good work, Kevin.

  5. My deepest condolences to Ursula’s family and you.

    I adore and love the interview with Dino. It is wonderful and affirming and I am in awe of him.

    (also apparently tried to send Dino an email thanking him and it bounced lol…?)

  6. Avatar Elle Penley
    Elle Penley says:

    I’d like to ad my name to the drawing for an ebook

  7. Avatar Catherine Mahan
    Catherine Mahan says:

    I am interested in the ebook 🙂

  8. Avatar Catherine
    Catherine says:

    Hi Kevin!

    I’m getting caught up on Productivity Alchemy, and I think you might be interested in the “Ask a Mortician” YouTube channel. The host, Caitlin Doughty, is a mortician in Los Angeles, and she has videos about preparing for death as well as videos about historic deaths and death practices. She also has a podcast called “Death in the Afternoon” which has just started its second season.

    I hope you are all doing well,