Episode 68 – Manager vs. Maker, Damien Ryan

This week our Wombat Co-host is back, and we’ll talk about some of the challenges when scheduling her two really big projects that are due at about the same time. We then have an interview with Damien Ryan, and wrap up the show with a discussion of the quality of ditches to die in.

Note: Due to scheduling issues, this interview references an interview that has not aired yet. We’ll get it running. 

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2 Replies to “Episode 68 – Manager vs. Maker, Damien Ryan”

  1. Patricia

    “Hobbies you love do not need to be monestised.”

    THANK YOU. I needed to hear this badly. At one time I was actually actively trying to monetise my hobbies out of a mistaken belief that if I wasn’t actively earning money every minute of the day then I was obviously not worthy of living etc (head not in a good place etc).

    In hindsight I realise that if any of my friends had said that I’d have shaken them AND any other help they might have asked for. There was no reason to treat myself any harder than that – I could not be kind to others if I wasn’t being kind to myself. So yeah, am trying to work off the guilt from indulging in my hobbies that are pure “I am just going to enjoy the shit out of this” but it’s a WIP.

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