Episode 62 – Disaster Prep, Letters

This week, we’ll talk about preparing for a disaster. In . our case, it is Hurricane Florence, but it could be any number of things. We talk about online backups, password vaults, and the difference between “helpful” and “helpy.” And then we will read and respond to your letters.

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2 Replies to “Episode 62 – Disaster Prep, Letters”

  1. Feather

    It is currently raining A Lot in Vancouver BC. I keep trying to tell the weather that it does not need to maintain solidarity with the hurricane on the other coast, but it doesn’t believe me. Current chicken photos and tweets imply that you have passed thru the hurricane with minimal scathe, which is good!

    I think a comment on another episode got eaten, or I completely lost track of it (in which case sorry for repeating myself), but now that I’m caught up: in a response to a note on a relatively recent episode, I wanted to note that if you’re looking for someone who is possibly more comfortable about delving into neuroatypicality/specific details of mental illness stuff with regards to productivity than anyone even wants, I have an established life-choice of being Very Open about all of my brain stuff and its effects on my life, as well as having a lot of general knowledge and experience of trying to make these things work not only on my own, but also while living with both someone who is neurotypical and people with neurodivergence and mental illness (including some extent of clashing access needs).

    Also I felt like I should note that I am drakkinabrarian on twitter (and hopefully not too irritating over there either).

  2. Silver Cat

    After spending too many months driving several hours every weekend with my computer and external drive in my trunk, I finally signed up for Backblaze for offsite, automatic backups.

    I’ve convinced my mom to use it as well, as well as Lastpass (we’re still trying to convert dad, who should know better).

    Kevin, your love for your chickens is adorable. And yes, we need more chicken pictures.

    Oh god, the overused fonts. They physically pain me as a graphic designer. THERE ARE SO MANY FONTS, PEOPLE. Also, typing your business name in all caps Times New Roman IS NOT A LOGO. (sorry, flashbacks to my first graphic design job – which was a terrible workplace – and all the hardware and contractor companies I did labels for).

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