Episode 61 – Labor Day, Bill and Laura Pearson

The focus of this week is on the AMAZING interview I did with my friends Bill and Laura. I do take a moment to discuss taking a day off since I recorded this one on Labor Day here in the US, and have given both the Wombat Co-Host and the Teenage Test Subject the week off.

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  1. Feather

    In re ER docs and sense of humour: My experience with ER docs is that the point they lose their sense of humour is the point where they’re dealing with a potentially-preventable but potentially-life-threatening case.

    Because they really don’t want to have a patient die on them or have Long Term Medical Misery and Suffering from this encounter, because that’s actually a really miserable experience for an ER doc. When they have to deal with this just because Shit Happens, they will be as blackly humourous as you can imagine!

    But when the situation could have been avoided by the patient going to the doctor earlier (or wearing a helmet, or not using a motorcycle, or . . . ) or some other relatively minor act on the patient’s behalf that has no really compelling reason not to have happened, they get Really Crabby In General.

    Basically, they don’t want to have to call off life-saving measures and then tell your loved ones (or worse, the social worker who deals with it when there isn’t anyone to care for you) that you’re dead, and when the reason this is something they’re at risk of having to do is because you ignored reasonable signs that you were Very Sick out of machismo or other ego-related reasons, it leads to intense frustration.

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