Episode 60 – Catching up, Jim C. Hines

After a refreshing break, we return this week with our status on catching up post-con. We’ll also talk about how Kevin is using his Bullet Journal and the challenges around having one person use a digital calendar and the other using paper. We’ll check in with the Teen Test Subject, and then talk to Jim C. Hines on how he stays productive!

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2 Replies to “Episode 60 – Catching up, Jim C. Hines”

  1. Alyssa

    Oh Kevin, I think you’re missing one of the most important aspects of the wall calendar, which when someone asks you to do something you can say “Oh, I need to go home and check my calendar and then I’ll get back to you.” It’s a great way to never be pressured into doing anything on the spot. My family uses a wall calendar to coordinate our movements (I live with my parents who are both self-employed). I’ve seen my mom tell people she can’t do a thing until she checks the calendar while on the phone standing in front of the calendar. I usually say I’m going to “check the calendar” because it sounds a lot better than saying “I need to ask my parents if it’s okay because even though I’m in my thirties I have a medical condition that means I live at home and don’t own a vehicle”. Anything that I would need to agree to immediately or lose the opportunity is probably too short notice to even be feasible anyway, given said medical condition and the difficulty I have traveling.

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